Cliches That Hold You Back

May 12, 2017

Clichés That Hold You Back

How You May Be Preventing Your Own Wealth

Gold-egg and white eggs, prosperity and lack

Power Episode #298 – There are lots of clichés that hold you back from achieving your goals. What we call wives tales, conventional wisdom, worldly wisdom may simply be clichés that create a mindset of lack. On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council shares four clichés that may be holding you back from achieving the financial wealth you have always wanted. As you listen to these clichés, you will discover if you have been allowing clichés to control your life. When we expand our thinking, we can expand our lives and receive the things that we desire. Holding on to clichés that prevent you from being your best self will prevent you from consistently achieving your goals. When you release yourself from these clichés, you will be able to open your heart and win. Clichés that hold you back are often the ones that prevent you from earning more. You are here to fully express your life with openness, honesty and freedom. Learning to let go of any thought process that is holding you back, will give you the success boost that you need to win big.

As you listen to Designing Your Life Today and discover some of the clichés that hold you back, be prepared to complete the power action that Pat Council shares. You are here to live a complete and fulfilling life, but holding onto opinions and ideologies that don’t work will prevent you from thriving and being your best. This is the time to go bold and break out of the mental blocks you may have allowed clichés to put you in and start getting the abundance you deserve.

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