Changing Your Life with Self-Talk

February 23, 2017

Changing Your Life with Self-Talk

Why Your Words Matters

Power Episode#261 – If you want to win you can start by changing your life with self-talk. On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council shares four powerful ways to shift your self-talk so that you can speak more positivity into your life. Speaking positivity into your life will help boost your confidence and help you to focus on accomplishing your goals. For self-talk to become effective, it is extremely important to construct and phrase your statements properly. Find out how to phrase your self-talk statements and program your life for success. The four powerful ways to shift your self-talk or guidelines you can use that will strengthen your ability to stay on the winner’s course. Find out how the statements will help you generate feelings of focus, confidence, strength, good health and even happiness. Using the four strategies mentioned in today’s show will help you perform better in your daily activities. Words are more powerful than you know and how you use them matters when it comes to getting the outcome you desire. You also get a better understanding, as to why you want to have positive self-talk on a consistent basis. If you want to transform your life, get on the winner’s course or simply feel good about yourself than self-talk is one of the major keys to achieving this process. Learning to effectively use your self-talk can be one of the easiest methods to implement when it comes to making a successful change. Changing your life with self-talk will help you stay empowered until you win.

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