Can Fear Be Your Ally

October 21, 2016

Can Fear Be Your Ally?

Learn to Use Fear to Win

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Power Episode#208 – Can fear be your ally? That is the question to pay attention to when it comes to achieving your goals. The short answer is yes! On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council shares five ways that fear can become your ally. Instead of staying in fear mode, find out how you can use fear to turn your life around and win. Start using the fear you feel to overcome the obstacles that are preventing you from living your best life. All month long, on Designing Your Life Today, we have made fear the “bad guy”. While fear has many drawbacks, those drawbacks can position you to plan your highest and best come back. You will be energized and inspired by what you learn today. If you have been allowing fear to dominate your life, using this different approach will help you to release your power and to start achieving. We are all built by design to win. Understanding the effects of fear will help you treat any fearful situation by using your power to win. Learn how to take proactive measures that will help you produce more than you imagined. If you want to reclaim your strength and accomplish the goals that you set, then today’s show is just for you. Fair does exist for a reason and it has caused many people to hold back on delivering their best. Can fear be your ally? Only if you learn how to make it an ally.

Also, listen to “Net Worth to Wealth”. It is all about getting your net worth to the wealthy level that you desire. Today’s segment is all about going on an all cash diet. Pat Council will share how going on at all cash diet changed her life and find out what it can do for you.

Today’s “Financial Friday” will inspire you.

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