Building Your Future

May 23, 2018

Building Your Future

Invest in Getting the Right Smarts

building your future

Power Episode#435 – College and Universities have their limits when it comes to preparing for your future. On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council gives four strategies for building your future.  This show is important if you want to start doing what it takes to get to the next level.  In today’s time, even College can not help you, the way it use to. So what do you do?  If you are trying to find your way in this new economy, then the strategies shared on today’s, Designing Your Life Today will get you started on building your future.  Are you wondering if you should take a job?  How thinking about going back to school?  Today’s show is not about discouraging from doing either one of the above mentioned, but you will get some insight into the value of investing in your success in the right manner.  Things have changed and are constantly changing, be sure you have positioned yourself to win by building your future.

Mentioned on Show:

Book:  Choose Yourself 

Article:  Jobs of the Future 

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