Building Purposeful Relationships

August 17, 2016


Power Episode #168 – Listening to your feelings can help you build purposeful relationships that will add more power to your success.  Find out how to boost your personal happiness by connect to healthy personal, family, and business relationships.  If you want to become a stronger entrepreneur, do not underestimate the power of taking the time to build more fruitful relationships.  Also, hear a power action that you can use to help create more meaning for connections with family, friends, and colleagues.  Find out why you have certain people in your life, even the ones that seem to make you miserable.  Get answers that will inspire you to become your most authentic self and start building purposeful relationships a lot easier.  Get some strategies for ways to see the good in others and let your generosity improve your success rate in every area.  Become a person that others want to emulate and you will have almost no challenges when it comes to making connections.  Be inspired to life others up and make them your friend.  Our next segment, “What’s Up with That” is exciting and Pat Council shares her perspective about Gabby Douglas, the Olympics and the whole USA Olympic team.

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