Bring Increase with Clear Intent

January 20, 2017

Bring Increase with Clear Intent

Discover How to Deliver Your Personal Best

Power Episode#246 – The best way to get increase, is to bring increase with clear intent. Having a clear intent is all about understanding what it means to believe in your ability to provide your personal best. Getting increase is all about getting in on the game of providing service to people. On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council shares four strategies for establishing a clear intent about the direction of your personal success. It is very difficult to deliver your personal best when you do not believe and trust in your own value. Today’s show will inspire you to get excited about taking control of your lifestyle, by taking control of your income. When you discover how to deliver your personal best, increase happens easier. As you listen to the four strategies shared by Pat Council, take the time to reflect on each one and decide on how you can use these ideas to deliver your personal best. Believing that your life will be better financially comes when you are confident that you are delivering your personal best. When you recognize your value, it becomes easier to bring increase with clear intent. On today’s show, we continue to give you insight into, more prosperous you. Remember, this is your year to achieve on the level you’ve always wanted to achieve. If things seem to be going in the opposite direction, Designing Your Life Today will provide strategies that will help you “do life with power”. Because things are changing so quickly in our world, it is important to be on your best game. What are your monetary goals for this year? This is your year to get on track and stay on track. When you can have a clear intention and see your value, you will succeed on levels that you never imagined.

Discover what it takes to sharpen a clear intent and to stay the course. If you want to have the increase, the best way to get it done is to bring increase with clear intent.


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