Boosting Results with Acceptance

September 15, 2016

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Boosting Results with Acceptance

How to Shift into Success Mode Fast

Power Episode #186 – Understanding how boosting results with acceptance will bring about success, quickly, will inspire you to relaunch with confidence. On “Designing Your Life Today”, Pat Council shares five strategies that will help you understand how to boost your results with acceptance. Many times we hold ourselves back from even launching a business, a project or a personal goal because we do not understand the power of acceptance. After listening to the explanations on today’s show, you will understand how to use acceptance and how important it is when it comes to implementing the plans you have for your life. When we can acknowledge what has happened, especially if we’ve had a failure, we can discover what it takes for us to be stronger and smarter. On “Designing Your Life Today”, get answers that will make you even more excited about getting back into the game of winning. Find out why it is important for you to accept that it is your destiny to win and start making that thought process work for you. We’ve been told that quitting is never a good thing, but today find out when it’s okay to quit and stop holding your life back. If you really want to boost your results, get an understanding of the strategies on today’s show.

Also, listen to a “Millionaires Moment” as Pat Council share little-known facts about Ben Franklin. Find out how you can use Ben Franklin’s idea of success and achievement and apply it to your own success journey.

Also Pat will be announcing a special guest who will be coming to Designing Your Life Today in the near future.


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