Boosting Your Motivation to Achieve

October 2, 2017

Boosting Your Motivation to Achieve
The Power of Thinking for Yourself

Boosting Motivation to Achieve, Pat Council, Designing Your Life Today

Power Episode#351 – When it comes to designing your life, boosting your motivation to achieve is very important. On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council shares how to stay motivated until you achieve your goals. Get a deep understanding of the power of thinking for yourself and start making choices that inspire you to win. You have goals that you’re passionate about and you should get the results that you desire. Instead of listening to experts or a trusted friend who may not be qualified to voice an opinion on your success, discover the power of thinking for yourself. As you listen to today’s show, you will hear a simple strategy that will help you stay motivated until you win. Find out how self-awareness is one of the single most powerful sources of inner motivation. Take action by completing the power action exercise shared by Pat and give your motivation and instant boost. On Designing Your Life Today, you will be inspired to take a look at your life and to remove any limitations that you have set for yourself. Discover what it means to look for the bigger picture when it comes to boldly pursuing your goals.
Also find out how you can win a five dollar Amazon gift card and when a copy of Pat Council’s newest book start winning: how to achieve like the top 8%. All month long get tips for boosting your motivation to succeed and celebrate the seventh your anniversary of Designing Your Life Today.

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Book: Start Winning: How to Achieve Like the Top 8 Percent

Podcast Reference:  How to Never be a Failure

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