Becoming a Confident Decision-Maker

September 22, 2016

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Becoming a Confident Decision-Maker
Building Strong Unstoppable Confidence

Power Episode #190 – Today’s show is all about becoming a confident decision-maker. This is the third key component to developing unstoppable confidence. (If you miss the first two, listen toMonday‘s and Tuesday’s podcast.) On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council shares specific strategies for becoming a confident decision-maker. People with high confidence levels find it easy to make decisions with a sense of finality. They rarely change their minds, because they realize the value of being consistent. Find out how you can design your perfect life by confidently making decisions and not wavering over what you really want. Find out key questions to ask yourself and make the decision making process easier. Use the fine art of decision-making to recognize opportunities that will open the door to bringing you your best life. Being able to confidently make decisions will bring you peace and you will be inspired to achieve the goals that you set. Learn how to examine difficult decisions and make the best choices for you. People with unstoppable confidence trust their internal voice, find out more about trusting your internal voice and what it can do for you, on Designing Your Life Today.
Listen to our next segment, “A Millionaires Moment” in which Pat Council shares success tips from film director, writer, and producer George Lucas who is best known for his work with the Star Wars trilogies. You will be inspired by success tips that come directly from George Lucas. Whether you have a home based business or you are an entrepreneur with a brick-and-mortar business, these success tips from George Lucas will enlighten and inspire you.

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