How a Bath Improves Goal Setting

December 13, 2016

How a Bath Improves Goal Setting

Goal Setting Miracle Bath


Power Episode#233 – Today’s “Tone it Tuesday” is an interesting one as we learn how a bath improves goal setting. On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council shares how to set more authentic goals by simply taking a bath. As the year winds down, now is the perfect time to set goals for the coming year. Listen to Designing Your Life Today for the next few weeks and get simple goal achieving strategies. These strategies will help you set goals that will keep you inspired throughout the next year. Pat will share how taking a bath can become a goal setting miracle bath. Get six tips for preparing this wonderful bath. Discover how something is simple as being in the present moment through bathing can improve goal setting. Also learn how it can improve goal achievement throughout the year.

Goal setting is designed to be an exciting process that allows you to connect with your most authentic self. If you are a person who finds meditating to be challenging, today’s show is for you. As you learn these simple goal setting techniques, be sure to share our show with others. Our goal is to help everyone except their most exciting, achievable goals.

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