Are You Ready?

January 19, 2017

Are You Ready?

Our World is Changing

Power Episode#245 – Are you ready for all the changes that are taking place not only in our country, but in our world. On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council passionately shares some of the changes that are happening that could affect your lifestyle. She also shares the systems that are been put in place to help you live your boldest life ever. If there was ever a time to be bodacious, now is that time. Are you ready for the shifts that are coming? In today’s show, you will get ideas that will help you take control of your destiny and you will be inspired to take control of your life. Is it time for you to be your own boss? With all the businesses that are closing across our country, this is the time to take your success into your own hands. Uncertainty can sometimes cause people to be afraid. Now is the time to become confident and courageous. It is time to get serious and take control of designing your life, today. Are you ready? Our world is changing and you can get the best out of those changes. Start positioning yourself for independence. Position yourself so that you never fall short, regardless of the direction of the job market or the business market. This is your year to shine. Find out ways to prepare yourself on today’s driving Thursday. Part of designing your perfect life is all about being prepared. Get excited and get ready to win.  The big question is:  Are you ready? 

Mentioned on Show:

Website Info: Wealth and Business

Website Info: Success Resources

Website Info: Income Boosters and Rebuilding Wealth

Book: Start Winning: How to Achieve Life the Top 8 Percent

Blog: Choosing the Best Accountability Partner

Reference Podcast: Small Business Success with Melinda Emerson

Reference Podcast: Take Charge of Your Destiny

Free: Success Webinars

Free: Power Achievement Team (Level Achievement Group) 

Products Mention:

Product 1: Career Change Courses

Product 2: Real Estate Investing

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