Are You Preventing Your Own Progress

August 24, 2016
ambition set and achieve goals change future and be successful banner or sign

ambition set and achieve goals change future and be successful banner or sign

Power Episode #173 – Attitudes are developed through environment and upbringing unless you challenge a way of thinking that doesn’t work for your life today you will get the results that you do not want. Until you switch that paradigm nothing will change. Maybe it’s time to challenge your thinking.

One of the ways you know that your preventing your own progress is that you may be jealous, envious, or angry at someone who is successful and thriving when you’re not.

What causes us to keep the same habits which may be preventing our progress is our brain. The brain has a tremendous tendency to habituate, meaning to do the same thing over and over. This is great if you want to brush her teeth, wash your hair, or take a shower, but it’s not so good when you need to think creatively about how to deal with the situation that you’ve never dealt with before,  or when you are working on going to the next level.

Our brains will search for patterns based on a past event and if those patterns are not there we may go back to using a method that will not work in the current situation.

Psychologist Rick Hansen and numerologist Rick Mendius put it in an article in inquiring mind. “The brain is hardwired to scan for the bad, and when it inevitably finds negative things, they get stored immediately and made available for rapid recall. In contrast, positive experiences are usually registered through standard memory systems. In some, your brain is like Velcro for negative experiences and Teflon for positive ones.

For a positive experience to stay in your consciousness, it must be held in conscious awareness for 20 seconds or more to really sink in.


  1. Do you repeat old wives tales or philosophies without questioning them?

For example, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”.

For more examples listen to the show in its entirety.


  1. Do you judge new relationships based on your old relationships? Get the full explanation on today show.


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