Are You Living with Purpose

June 28, 2018

Are You Living with Purpose

How to be Inspired, Focused, and Achieve Goals

Living with Purpose

Power Episode#450 – No matter what you do, insuring it is a part of your purpose makes everything worthwhile.  On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council inspires you to answer the question: Are You Living with Purpose?  Living with purpose is all about becoming inspired, so that maintaining your focus becomes second nature.  This does take practice if you want to consistently achieve your goals.  However, we all need help staying focus and identifying a purposeful goal.  As you listen to Designing Your Life Today, you will discover how to identify your goals and ways to set the priorities needed to achieve.  Pat Council discusses a goal planner that will help you put your attention on success and keep it there until you achieve.

Also, discover what’s coming to Designing Your Life Today.

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Planner:  Live with Purpose 2019 

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