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About Designing Your Life Today Podcast 

The podcast “Designing Your Life Today” gives goal achievement strategies, insights and solutions for entrepreneurs and achievers who want to build a quality lifestyle.  Did you know that you already have what you need to succeed?  Well, you do.  Are you tired of falling short in a down economy?  Especially when you know you have talents that could provide what you need to build your best lifestyle.   This is what Designing Your Life Today is all about:

Everything you have inside and everything you consciously choose to be connected to is designed to bring out your best __ this is why we share strategies to inspire others to “do life with power”.

Hi, I am Pat Council,  Goal Achievement Strategist and the host of this powerfully, exciting lifestyle podcast!  As a Certified Life, Sales and Business Coach who has over 20 years of successful hands on experience as an entrepreneur.  Enjoys training entrepreneurs and goal achievers. My top notch guests (who are on the show periodically) and I will give you insights, strategies and solutions that will help you build a profitable business and a quality lifestyle.

We Also Provide:

  • ideas and guidance that prevent never falling short in a down economy.
  • information that keeps you from being financially at the mercy of everyone, eliminate stress and bring positive flow into your life.
  • insight into the value of strengthening power cores nicknamed “power cords” by us: Spiritual, mental emotional and physical cords.
  • valuable content that our podcast listeners and website visitors can use to build their dream lifestyle.
  • information and easy to follow strategies that will help more than 1 million people achieve their goals, “do life with power”, and pass it on!

Who Is This Podcast For?

If you:

want inspiration, as well as information that will help you power forward to a successful life.

have reached a point and are tired of holding back  from living the quality life you desire and deserve.

want insight into what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur before you take the leap and after.

want strategies that will lead to a quality life and a profitable business.

like discovering strategies for strengthening you’re physical, spiritual, emotional and mental power cores.

want to design a powerful vision  and realize a power vision for their life.

There has been no better time to “do life with power” and the journey will be challenging, exciting and fun.


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 We Promise to Bring You:

  • Valuable Information
  • Clear and Consistent Information
  • Free and Affordable Information
  • Simple to follow information

Choose Your Category 

Listen to our podcast Monday Thru Thursday, plus Sunday or choose your favorite day or category.  We have 5 main themes:

  • Magnificent Monday – Jump Start your week with focus and empowerment. Get affirmations and strategies for staying empowered.
  • Tone It Up Tuesday – Get ideas and strategies for better health, learn from Pat’s personal journey to fitness and get insight into products that really work.
  • Wonderful Wednesday – Get concepts and strategies for cultivating and building fruitful, flourishing relationships and get an understanding of life’s universal principles and stay in control of your destiny.
  • Thriving Thursday – Get strategies for excelling in a small & home-based business.  Also, get wealth strategies from the segment “Secrets from My Millionaire Mentors.”
  •  (Coming Soon)  Power Forward Sunday- Get a spiritual understanding of the principles needed to build your best life.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, home-based business or small business owner, or someone who wants to gain insight on achieving goals with consistency, while living a quality lifestyle, you will enjoy this podcast.  Finally, go from information overload to implementation and results.

 Pat Council is fun to listen to  and explains actionable achievement strategies that will empower you to reach for and achieve your dreams. Designing Your Life Today is produced by Power Up Nation, Inc. a company owned by Pat Council.

Checkout Our Resources

We provide both free and fee based courses that are designed to help almost anyone focus on creating a consistent revenue stream while building a fruitful life using spiritually based principles.  The Designing Your Life Today website and podcast is updated with new and interesting information, as well as free resources periodically.

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