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Welcome to the podcast, “Designing Your Life Today”.  Did you know that you already have what you need to succeed?  Well, you do.  That is what designing your life today is all about:

On Designing Your Life Today, Author and Goal Achievement Strategist, Pat Council and special guests share simple strategies to help every listener design their best life and take control of their destiny by implementing the best plans to build a profitable home-based or small business.

Everything you have inside and everything you are connected to is designed to bring out your best __ this is why you want learn to “do life with power”.

Hi, I am Pat Council,  the host of this powerful lifestyle podcast, “Designing Your Life Today”.  As a Goal Achievement Strategist, my special guests and I share principles that will inspire you to stay focused, improve discipline, to create your best achievable life’s plan and simple strategies for accomplishing every intentional goal you set.  We also share strategies that will inspire anyone to live life from a position of confidence and courage, while learning to tap into their entrepreneurial spirit.  In short, listening to this podcast will inspire personal authenticity that will lead to better health, more wealth, and to cultivating fruitful relationships while releasing your inner entrepreneur.

As a Certified Life, Sales and Business Coach who has over 20 years of successful hands on experience as an entrepreneur and training entrepreneurs, my top notch guests and I will give you insights and solutions that will help you build a profitable business and a powerful life.

Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can inspirational and motivational poster. Take a moment typographic concept. Vector illustration for presentations or decorations.


This show is for anyone who:

Is tired of holding back their best life.

Is allowing life circumstances to dictate outcomes that leave them feeling powerless and without confidence.

Wants insight into what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur before you take the leap.

Wants inspiration, just because they need a little “pick me up”.

Wants strategies that will lead to a better life and a better business.

Get strategies for strengthening their physical, spiritual, emotional and mental power cores.

Want to create and realize a power vision for their life.

There has been no better time to “do life with power” and the journey will be challenging, exciting and fun.

We promise to bring you:

  • Valuable Information
  • Clear and Consistent Information
  • Free and Affordable Information
  • Simple to follow information

Choose Your Category 

Listen to our podcast Monday Thru Friday or choose your favorite day or category.  We have 5 main themes:

  • Magnificent Monday – Jumpstart your week with focus and empowerment
  • Tone It Up Tuesday – Get ideas and strategies for better health and hear about Pat’s personal journey to fitness
  • Wonderful Wednesday – Get concepts for cultivating fruitful relationships and get an understanding of universal principles, to start controlling your destiny.
  • Thriving Thursday – Strategies for excelling in a small & home-based business.  Also, listen to a Millionaires Moment.
  • Financial Friday – Learn more about the energy behind increasing your income, how to leaving a legacy, wealth principles that will bring results.