5 Signs that You Want Wealth

February 29, 2016


Today, many people are really hoping to have a better life by increasing their finances.  They are hoping to get the dream job and live their dream lifestyle. Now, is a good time for straight talk.  I decided to write this because as a goal achievement strategist and lifestyle coach, I have had the great opportunity to talk to some amazingly talent people with magnificent life visions.  I would listen to those wonderful visions and think, “Wow” when  they bring those talents to the world it is going to make our world turn a lot more smoothly.  Of course, for many others, they are working jobs that they don’t like.  In fact, statistics show that more than 70% of the people complain about their jobs. That means people are settling for jobs that they don’t like and they’re working outside of their gifts and talents.   I have to ask a question, “Are you one of those people who keep talking about wealth or have you been wishing for years that you could start a business?  How about this question:  Have you been talking about leaving that job with you have that rude supervisor, that makes you wish for the end of the work day?  Do you complain about not having enough, while at the same time you’re complaining about the wealthy?  Depending on your answers to these questions, you may or may not really want to have wealth in your life.  Here are 5 signs to determine whether you truly want abundance and riches in your life:

  1.  Keep a record of what you do all day.   Be sure to keep a record of what you do all day.  That means from the time you get up in the morning until it’s time for you to go to bed keep it a diary.  Here ‘s an example: 9 am – went to work  or  went to my home-based office. Continue keeping records throughout the day, even write down  the breaks you take.  Then at the end of the day put the letters MMA (Money Making Activity) beside each task that you performed throughout your work day.   How many real money making activities did you accomplish?  If you notice that you are not taking advantage of your money making window, when working, take the time to write out your daily activities as they should be and then commit to following it.  Also, paying attention to what you did do will give you clear insight, as to whether you are truly interested in making the money and creating the life you have been wishing for.  You will find out more about the value of MMA’s in my next book, The Power of Intentional Goal Setting (To be released March 18th.) What you do all day, says a lot about what you think you deserve.
  2. You like sharing your goals with others.  How many people have you shared your goals with this year?  Of course, you don’t want to share your goals with everybody because some people will try and talk you out of your dreams.  Share with people that you trust or people who will cheer you on to achievement.   If you have not shared your goals with anyone and you are keeping it your deepest darkest secret, then most likely you’re not excited about you goal or you do not believe you are able to complete it.  This is a strong indication that you’re not open to receiving wealth.  When you are open to receive the highest and best, you will gladly follow through on achieving your goals.  Even if you are a little afraid.  You will still press forward to success. If you have not shared your goal with anyone, make the decision to share your dream out loud, even if it’s with just one person.
  3. Who and how you connect with tells the real story.  Who are mentors?  Do you have a life coach who has a great success track record?  If you are serious about achieving goals you have not achieved before, you will get help or seek information. It’s not just about getting help or seeking information.  Being in the presence of someone who has been through what you are about to go through will inspire you to stay focused and on task until you win.   When I was in real estate, as a new agent, I struggled financially.  I knew I needed to find a mentor and seek more information if I wanted to succeed.  First, I found a real estate system by Mike Ferry, I learned it and used it.  Then I found a top realtor who I could learn from and that was not easy.  During that time most realtors did want to share their secrets, so I ended up working with that realtor.  It all paid off, big!  The point is, make your connections relevant to your success and valuable to all involved.  Do not make the mistake of making a connection and then expecting that person to share everything, free!  I have encountered people like that who thought, that because I had made it, I should help them without expecting anything back.  Keep in mind that it is always the mentor or coaches choice to share and to decide on what level they are willing to share. I remember reading in Russell Simmons’ book, Do You, that people would come to see him with no plan, offering nothing and they expected him to help them.  Consider this, if you are not willing to work free, then don’t expect an entrepreneur to work free either, no matter how much money they have.  Almost, everyone has financial obligations.   The point is, make your connection one of value by offering what you can and you will be surprised how much more you receive. Look at your connections, today.  Are you making connections that will help you expand your thinking, achieve your goals, and challenge you to reach for your highest and best?  If you are this is a sign that you are reaching to achieve you wealthiest lifestyle.  Keep going!
  4. You have a success system.  Are you following a system that will bring you wealth?  The system I am referring to is in your daily activities, which includes prayer, meditation, reading affirmations, taking the time to create a successful “do to list”, physical fitness time, etc.. Your success system is in your daily routine.  This is all about discipline.  People who truly want wealth will discipline themselves to do what it takes to become who they need to be in order to win.  When I needed to establish a system for success, I did not have a lot of money, so I purchased information by Brian Tracy.   That information is still relevant today.
  5. You are doing what you were born to do.  If you are not doing what you were born to do, then the truth of the matter is you are not really interested in wealth.  One of the main reasons people work jobs that they do not like or jobs that have nothing to do with their talent is because they are afraid they cannot earn enough using the gifts and talents they have.  This unfortunately, is a form of thinking lack instead of wealth.  That may be an indication that you are not as interested in wealth as you claim.  The wealth is in your talents and your talents will help you manifest all your visions of prosperity.

If you truly want wealth, a suggestion is to start shifting your wealth mindset.  You can start by listening to my free, daily podcast, “Designing Your Life Today“.  Also, adopt the habit of reading and listening to information that will help you create an abundance mindset.  To get you started, I have made some recommendations, below:

  1.  Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
  2.  The Way to Wealth
  3. I Will Teach You To Be Rich 

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