The Importance of Taming Your Inner Critic

October 3, 2019

The Importance of Taming Your Inner Critic

How Your Inner Critic Affects More Than You

Episode #572 Have you ever had a great idea and then talk yourself out of it?  It could be your inner critic, talk you out of your destiny.  On Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council explains the importance of taming your inner critic.  When it comes to going for your best in life or believing you deserve more, your inner critic can cause you to derail your most important goals and dreams.  Discover why you want to take control of your inner critic, so you can design your best life and get the outcome you are expecting.  You will also be inspire to take action once you discover how your inner critic affects more than you. Tame your inner critic and have a better relationship with yourself.

 Photo by Jan Prokes from Pexels

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