3 E’s to Fitness

July 26, 2016

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Power Episode #154 – Creating a fitness plan can be difficult and getting help with the planning is wise, but until you can afford the help you need, make it easy on yourself.  Using the 3 E’s can make it easier to set a plan.  Today’s show will give you some insight into setting a simple, yet effective plan.  The 3 E’s stand for “Eating, Exercises and Energy”.  Find out how they work together and how to put them into the flow of your daily fitness routine.  When it comes to fitness, learning to increase your energy in many areas is necessary.  Find it the impact your fitness plan can have on your energy and your results.  Do you really understand about the foods you eat or what foods to eat?  Get some insight about your diet from today’s show.

Also, get expert fitness advice from Pat’s personal trainer, Ronnie Mason aka Ronnie, “The Solution” Mason.  Find out how to really get results from your workout and learn more about the foods to eat, as well as the method for eating.  You will benefit greatly from all of Ronnie’s expert advice. Find out some of the best exercises to do to get the results you are planning.  Get inspired from listening to the expert tips from Ronnie.  Also, you will get first information about the results Pat is getting from working out with her trainer.  You will want to get back on track or increase your focus when it comes to your fitness regiment.  Get amped up and start doing life with power.

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