Boost Your Energy with Clean Eating

September 13, 2016

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Boost Your Energy with Clean Eating

How Eating Right Can Help You Win

Power Episode #184 – If you really want to boost your energy with clean eating, so you can stay focused until you achieve all those amazing goals that you set, then tune into “Designing Your Life Today”. Pat Council will share 10 easy to follow ways that you can eat clean even if you never done it before. Finally stop stressing over dieting and eating foods that don’t taste good. Start using food the way it was intended, to be fuel for your amazing body. When it comes to eating it’s time to focus on what really matters and that would be healthy food to nourish your body, that taste’s good. Find out what it means to prioritize your vegetables and find out Pat’s favorite vitamin rich vegetables. Also find out ways that you can add sweeteners to your food without using white sugar. Many times people over eat because they’re eating foods that they don’t like. They are eating foods for the sake of dieting and as a result they consistently overeat. Learning to eat clean, will not only help you feel better physically, it will help you think sharper and focus longer. You will be inspired when you discover how you can boost your energy with clean eating.

Also, expert personal trainer, Ronnie Mason is back on Designing Your Life Today. Find out the importance of maintaining your flexibility. Ronnie will share different flexibility exercises that will help you to become more flexible, quickly. These are exercise you can do right at home.  Get these expert training tips absolutely free, simply by tuning into Designing Your Life Today. Learn why it’s so important to maintain or regain your flexibility.

All week long learn how to boost your energy to attract more.


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